Why Choose Wieland Builders

The Wieland family has been building homes in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky for over 65 years. We take a lot of pride in our history and family tradition, but even more pride in holding together a legacy built by our grandfathers and father. Our relentless focus on quality and customer service can be seen through all the work we do.

65 Years of Experience

Third Generation Homebuilders

Financial Strength

We carry the financing for all of our projects so our customer doesn’t have to

Customer Service

Knowledgeable staff available to help you navigate every step of the building process

Proven Energy Efficiency

All homes are tested, proven to save you money

Your Home, Your Budget

Custom built to fit your lifestyle and budget

Your Lot or Ours

Building in Southwest Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky


Working – Wieland Builders was built on hard work, dependability, honesty, quality and family values. Our owners, Mike and Jeff, oversee and accept nothing less than the best from everyone that touches our customer’s home.

Integrity – When we say we are going to do it, we do! Our tag line says it all about who we are and why we do what we do. When we go to work, we think of you coming home. It’s a passion that each of us at Wieland Builders embraces.

Energy Efficiency – Wieland Builders builds the best constructed home you can buy. We test every home before we build it and again test after completion. We always achieve a 5 star rating on every home we build.

Longevity – Wieland Builders has 65 years of experience and family tradition.

Attention – Wieland Builders believe the way to build a quality built custom home is to pay attention to every detail. From our contractors to our staff we are focused on your details. Our systemized approach to building gives you assurance throughout the entire building process.

Number One – Our core values are what makes Wieland Builders number
1. Dependability – doing exactly what we say we are going to do
2. Honesty – Stating and living the TRUTH at all times
3. Quality – Delivering distinctive value to our customers and our trade
4. Family – Living by Grace with clear Boundaries

These are values that will not be compromised upon any negotiation, for any reason, for all of us.

Dedication – Wieland Builders is dedicated to providing our customers an overall excellent experience front start to finish. Achieving this through communication and custom involvement throughout the build. Customer Service and Satisfaction being our number one priority.

Our Vision

Wieland Builders’ team shall be based on our core values while implementing operating systems that allow our team to perform at their highest ability, as an individual and a team. Everyone believes in their heart that what Wieland Builders means to this industry and to their customers is: Dependability, Honesty, Quality, and Family. We shall be a self-sustaining company, a strong team that relies on their individual skill and each other to deliver our vision.

Our Mission

Wieland Builders has and always will continue the constant pursuit of Excellence in all that we do. Building the highest of quality homes and relentless customer service is our goal on a daily basis. Our customer satisfaction is as important as our employee, contractor, and supplier satisfaction with our level of service, quality, and integrity.

Jeff and Mike Wieland – Our Owners are your Builders. Jeff and Mike Wieland are not only the owners of this company, they are builders, raised in this industry and living it everyday. They can build your home from the ground up and know what is right and what is wrong demanding quality and ensuring that your home is built the way it should be. Making daily site visits to each of our homes and watching every detail.

Long Relations with our Trade Contractors – We have had relations with our subcontractor family some spanning 40 years. We demand quality and we get it from the people we surround ourselves with. Our subcontractors like coming on our jobs, because they know it’s right and ready for them to get what they need accomplished and not have to fix or improvise because of mistakes not caught. We only work with the best and demand it from everyone that touches your home giving you the best built home your money can buy.

Robyn Howser, In House Interior Designer – Robyns passion, commitment to service and knowledge provides our customers an enjoyable experience throughout the selections process. We have most of your selections in house and she is there to guide you through with ease and comfort. We have you complete your selections within 35 days after contract signing, allowing you to sit back and watch your dream home come to reality without all the stress during the build.

Shannon Wieland, Financial & HR Manager – Shannon runs the day-to-day operations of this company. She keeps track of all banking, closings, appraisals, employee relations, accounts payable etc. Shannon has a firm grip on the day-to-day business at hand.

Jennifer Bhattacharya, Office Manager– Jennifer prides herself on attention to detail, doing what is needed whenever she can help, she takes care of all the bank draws, lien waivers, and certificates of workers compensation certificates and insurance for our subcontractor base. Jennifer also helps with the marketing for the company and is there for whatever area is needed.

Jim Swearingen, Warranty Manager – Jim is passionate about helping customers. All of our Wieland Builders customers enjoy and respect the job Jim does. When he says he will be there, he’s there and he’s out quickly as well. Jim handles our 90-day, 6 month and 1 year walk through with all of our customers and he always has a smile on his face. He is experienced and very knowledgeable on how to get your task completed in a timely manner.

Nick Newhart, Production Assistant – is a hard working young man with knowledge and the ability to help in whatever situation needed. If you need something done he is one of the first to jump in and help.

We all share the same passion for this business, to help our customers through this process and come through it not as customers, but as friends. You deserve a builder that has lasting longevity in this business, one that will be here for you long after you close.

This is a perfect time to take the next step in discovering how to make your dream home a reality.

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